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Everyone has their limits. When you finally make the switch from climbing the boss’s ladder to climbing your own ladder, we call you an entrepreneur.  But an entrepreneur is much more than just a person dreams about growing a great company. An entrepreneur is more than a person who knows how to turn the wrench. And an entrepreneur is more than a manager.

Midtown desires to partner with new recruits who will become excellent franchise partners– ones who share the mission and vision of the brand. Then Midtown works together with the franchisee creating clients in their market. The services are completed for the clients and the money collected. The franchisee begins building wealth year over year. Some franchisees grow faster than others because of their skills and abilities in managing employees. Others enjoy being their own boss and prefer less return on their investment and the simpler life of having no employees. In either case, the mission and vision of the brand is pursued, and the franchisee moves one position closer to his goals.

Common reasons to start a business with an experienced brand like Midtown Chimney Sweeps are:

  • Speed to start up. Let’s face it, every industry has its challenges and opportunities, and the faster we can get to the objective– of making money– the better. Franchisees can open much faster than independent non-branded operators.
  • Fewer failures. Also common in small business is the “shotgun approach” to marketing and even doing the work. For non-branded operators, this can lead to failure. As a trusted name in the chimney industry and in franchising, we only accept quality candidates that will follow our system, and therefore increase their rate of success.
  • A plan to grow with. It’s always easier to follow in someone else’s footsteps than blaze a new trail. And if the goal is getting to the destination of (fill in the blank goal for your life) then let us break trail. Start with yourself as the salesperson for your new company. hire a quality technician who will grow with you. And off we go.

An entrepreneur then? A true Entrepreneur, according to Michael Gerber, is one who can do all three things well:

  • He is a technician who can turn the wrench with incredible skill and prowess.
  • He is an excellent manager of tasks, duties, lists, and is well organized.
  • And he can dream, set goals, and work with other leaders to finance and build his business into reality.

Are you a true Entrepreneur?

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