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If I had this to do over again, I would have done it sooner. Midtown absolutely met my expectations and fulfilled what it advertised to me.

- K. Matthews, Central New Jersey

Midtown has given me an inspiration and opportunity to move from being an employee in the food industry to a business owner in the hearth industry.

- James Laut, Midtown Chimney Sweeps of South Denver

I really like that the home office takes all my calls, booking customers on my calendar that’s been customized to fit my schedule.

- Garett Kohfal, Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Boulder, Colorado
        chimney sweep franchise, home serviced and home based business

        “I love getting out of bed in the morning now.”
        – K. Matthews, Central New Jersey

        No experience in the chimney sweeping business? Good! We don’t necessarily want that kind of experience. We are changing the hearth industry (what we call the chimney sweeping industry) to be a trustworthy one where customers can learn the real story of their chimney and be offered all the appropriate repairs requires. And did we mention that all your customers marketing source is tracked in our system as a mandatory field? Know thy customers, and this knowledge shall guide you into wiser marketing efforts.

        Being a part of a brand has its advantages. Take marketing for instance. We have a brand constitution and a brand use guideline. If you need to have a professional item made by a professional vendor, you simply email your vendor our brand guideline and the artwork will be compliant. And powerful. That is branding.

        Need uniforms, invoice books, polo shirts, pants, and business cards that all match? Yes we have it all. One click will get you over to our online Print Store where we have a crazy amount of branded water bottles, coffee mugs and promotional tee shirts, and much much more. And did we mention free shipping for all orders over $50? Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising is taking the pain out of life and helping you focus on profit.

        What Does Kurt Love About Owning His Franchise?

        Get a glimpse into Kurt Matthews experience working with Midtown Sweeps as a Franchisee.

        Being found on Google, Yahoo,  Yelp and Bing is critical. We own that space and are masters of making all our business locations stand out on the web. Older sweeps, which will be your competition, frequently have little to no online presence because they are planning on shutting down their businesses when they retire. This is a rare opportunity.

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        We get you found on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp and then when the phone rings, we answer it. What good is marketing if you are not there to serve the customer? And most of your competitors will be small out-dated and internet unsavvy chimney sweeps who have their phone in their pocket while they work. When modern customers get a voicemail, they often go straight to the next vendor. And if they are online, we will likely be in the top 3 relevant search results. We have your back.

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