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One of the requirements of every business is customers. Customers are people, contacts. Everyone has a contacts list. The better your list in your town, the better your chances of getting recommended personally with your new venture. But if you are new to town, that is almost best. You have a new leaf to turn over, and no history to overcome. And our strong website marketing strategy will help you launch quickly with a massive digital domination strategy.


Nobody loves it, but everyone has to use it. It is a requirement, and we provide it as part of your franchise fees. The Midtown Portal houses all our franchisees and technicians contact info so that a collaborative environment can be created. Our online chimney university materials can be viewed and courses taken 24/7.  Customer lists can be downloaded and used. Our Customer Relationship Management dashboard is a fantastic business tool.

Customer Service.

It is the basis of every home business and gigantic company. Customers want to know if they can trust your business.  Trust starts with the digital marketing we do- careful brand consistency- and progresses to the scheduling center we manage and to the final invoice from the technician. It all matters, and it all matters a lot. We will show you the Midtown customer service way.

“Business is sensitive:  It goes only where invited, and stays only where well treated.”
-Elmer Peterson, founder of Rio Grand Supply, Denver, Colorado


Sure, we have a vision for Midtown. But you need one to. You must set goals. Make your dreams objective and work toward them. How much money do you need to net your first year? Second year? How many jobs does that mean we need to book for you at $x/job? Our best franchisees are the ones who stay flexible to how the market is changing and who alway press to make more money. Once a person gets lazy or stuck in their ways, their value and their contribution to the brand diminish. The early bird still gets the worm.


At Midtown we follow the Google digital advertising model for service area businesses. We choose your marketing address wisely. A key feature of our marketing strategy is appropriately working with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and over 180 other online directories. Our founder claimed his first Google My Business page back in 2006 before Google Plus. We will walk you through the virtual marketing address selection process and make your location found online, and fast.

No Whining

They way we figure it, it is still a free country. If you sign up with us, you need run your operation the Midtown way. If you don’t like the Midtown way, then don’t sign up. That is why we host a free ($0, no money, zilch, nothing) Discovery Day process for you to come and meet us and decide for youself. We let you meet our marketing team. Listen to live phone calls. Carefully read the entire franchise disclosure document for a minimum of two weeks. Come and see.

“I hire people brighter than me and I get out of their way.” 
Lee Iacocca

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