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Protected Territories of 110,000 household each 

The Midtown business model uses protected territories (approx 330,000 people each), not exclusive and not open. Protected. So if someone calls the scheduling center or finds us on the online scheduler, the job will book to owner of the zip code. So your jobs are protected. However, we are Americans here, so we value hard work and merit based awards. So if you land a property manager contact in your area that has properties for you to maintain for them in your neighbor’s territory, you are allowed to service each and every one of the those out of territory locations. Why? Because you won the contract, and the contact.

What is available and what is not on the map below?

  • The pins on the map show the current franchisees locations, and consequently an unavailable market.
  • The grey areas that have no pins are open and available. We welcome candidates to join our fast growing nation-wide system if they seek to operate in any of these areas!

Our Franchise Locations:

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