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In his book The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker declares there is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer.

Once you have customers, you initiate a wheel of life that, when kept turning, is a business that can grow year over year. Just as nomadic shepherds of Bible times built mighty flocks and herds and accumulated wealth year over year with more offspring being nurtured and protected, so a business must be protected and nurtured.

What is unique about Midtown Chimney Sweeps as a business is:

  • We are a franchise. You own a protected territory of 110,000 households where you may freely grow your business and receive as much coaching from us as you are willing to receive.
  • We are marketing experts in our industry. We bring the customers to you. Our powerful and sophisticated partners and vendors enable us to build powerful organic back links and original content and create strong placement of your business on Google. This results in phone calls. Customers trying to give you money.
  • We are a scheduling center. Once the customer calls, it rings to our home office, not yours. That’s right, we answer the phones. This was our founder’s dream from the beginning because he was always out in the field working, and he didn’t want his wife to be his secretary. He still claims to this day that the scheduling center “saved his marriage.”
  • We use sophisticated software. Want to have 5 zones, each with a different price and served at certain days of the week or month? No problem, we can do it. Want to create a 10 line item PDF quote on your smart phone and send it to the customer while you stand there? No problem.

Once you have customers, you have gross revenue. Once you have that, you have a business that you can manage. But it doesn’t stop there. We have a bookkeeper who will help you set up QuickBooks Online and manage your business through suave mobile apps that allow you to see instant P&Ls and Balance Sheets at the tough of a button thanks to Intuits powerful mobile platform.

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