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Midtown Chimney Sweeps is a full-service chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning firm that would like to show you an “Us vs Them” comparison in detail. We have the strength of numbers and sophistication of high tech business software that help us compete in a nationwide market.

There are several distinctions that make our company stand out from the competition:



We will communicate clearly and efficiently with customers regarding their appointments, inspection reports, and costs for services.

We will use images, illustrations, and documentation to convey information to others to ensure that we understand each other.

We will communicate with every customer with their perspective in mind; we will ask ourselves, “How would I like to be treated by a chimney contractor?”

We will provide our services with a cheerful and professional demeanor and tone.



We will be easy to work with from initial contact to final invoice.

We will be easily found on the internet and provide easy access to our online scheduler.

We will have an easy to navigate website with a broad chimney-related knowledge base.



We will strive to attract and retain talented staff, technicians, and franchisees.

We will promote the business opportunity to experienced managers and those who enjoy working with their hands.

We will promote the brand, welcome new franchisees and coach them to follow our mission and build a well-managed and successful business.



We will support our franchisees to work in a safe and efficient manner by providing training and resources as they work in a physically demanding environment.

We will acknowledge that hard work and a well-managed business results in financial success.

We will set clear and measurable goals to foster teamwork.

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